What is concrete scanning?

  What is concrete scanning Concrete scanning ,  Uncategorized  / By  admin What is concrete scanning? Whats covered in this blog post: What is concrete scanning How a concrete scanner works Uses for concrete scanning What is concrete scanning? Concrete scanning is the process of scanning concrete using one or more technologies that are not destructive and do not break the structure or materials being scanned. This could include concrete-specific ground penetrating radar (GPR), a ferrosan, instrument, ultrasonic scanning equipment or other. Whichever tools used, they are all able to penetrate the ground and locate objects and anomalies within a specified depth range and in a variety of conditions. Those anomalies are then analyzed by highly experienced engineers; who can provide insights as to what is beneath the surface. Allowing the correct plaining to stay clear of obstructions or areas that may be damaged during construction or maintenance. The majority of time, results can of a sc

How core drilling works

  How core drilling works Core Drilling ,  Uncategorized  / By  admin How core drilling works Whats covered in this blog post: What is core drilling The actual drilling What a core drill does Retrieving of core samples Here's how core drilling works The core drilling has three main processes. The actual drilling Retrieving of the core sample Continuation of core drilling The process together is referred to as a Round trip.  Core samples are stored in a core sample box. The exact time and date of the drillings are recorded as well as the conditions of the day. High quality core samples are the main goal of the core drilling process. These core samples are then analyzed to see if the project at hand will be doable and or if any adjustments in construction plans need to be made. The actual drilling In understanding how core drilling works one must understand the concepts and practices behind the actual drilling process. When the core drilling process commences, the  Core Drill  Is pla

What is core drilling?

  What is Core Drilling? 1 Comment   /  Core Drilling ,  Uncategorized  / By  admin What is Core Drilling? Whats covered in this blog post: What is core drilling How a core drill works What a core drill does Reasons for taking core samples Here's what is core drilling and it's uses. Core drilling in construction Lets dive in to What is Core drilling. Core drilling is a quick, exact and a clean approach to penetrate concrete and is normally seen as a fundamental need for  construction projects   by most solid cutting specialists. The primary purpose of a  core drilling  is to obtain an undisturbed, intact sample representative of the in situ material. Coring is the primary method of obtaining  samples of the soft rock and the cemented soil that are encountered in many areas of the world. How a core drill works A core drill is a hollow, cylindrical drill specifically used  to remove a cylinder of material. It is made of drill tips, metal, and usually coated with  diamond or carbi